I have always loved ebooks

I’m sitting outside and the weather is great. Warm air, a bit on the windy side of breezy, but sunny enough that it’s still lovely. The most annoying thing at the moment is that my lunch keeps scooting across the table because of the wind, and there’s an occasional bee…

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Eurovision 2017: Finals

Here we are. Everything that we’ve been preparing for, for the past two evening spread across this pas week, have come to a head. This Eurovision competition, part American Idol, part Olympics, Part UN, and part Hunger Games, is all for this. Tonight’s new competitors are the biggest sponsors (UK,…

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Eurovision 2017: Semi-Finals 2

And we’re back for night two. Like the populace that watched rapt for 75 consecutive Hunger Games, we’re back for our well deserved bread and circus.  So what does the night have in store for us? Let’s jump in! Russia – Julia Samoylova3 – “Flame Is Burning” Just kidding. Russia didn’t…

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