Super Bowl Party Review

It’s been a banner year for ol’ Philippe in the sports world. My Fantasy Football team, the NY-NJ Hitmen, became the Fantasy Football champions at my work1. This netted me a few hundred dollars which is always nice. My colleague and runner up, Mike B. and I, opted to take…

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Redshirts: Better than an OASIS

Ready Player One has had a strange life in the world of pop-culture. The book came out to high acclaim, and developed a devoted following. However, since the release of the trailer for the film adaptation there has been a huge backlash on the title. In fact, there’s been suspiciously…

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Olly Olly Oxenfree

If I had a preferred genre of game, I suppose it would be “emotional narrative” games. I love me some 3rd person adventure, first person and platform puzzlers, and good old point-and-click, but I always seem to find my recent favorites in character driven narrative games. If you’ve looked at…

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