Before the Exodus There Was Visibility

This has been a weird holiday season. I feel like since the election last year I’ve been saying that for each Jewish holiday. It’s like Trump has codified a modern American bigotry. This Passover the 🙄 has ranged from the benign, well-meaning gentile telling me about their non-Jewish seder1 to articles claiming…

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The ColecoVision Edition of the Totes Mathematical Top Ten Game List for Every Console Ever!

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The Connecticut Leather Company was started in 1932 by an ambitious young buck named Maurice Greenberg. The company made bank during World War 2 and with wads of cash in hand, began diversifying. One idea which they had was a “make your own leather moccasin” kit for kids, released in…

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Oscars 2018: Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread Originally this was going to be another double feature entitled Two World War Twos wherein I would review Darkest Hour and Dunkirk. I’ll be honest, I’m somewhat burnt out on World War II (#askaJew) and wasn’t particularly looking forward to two dour features to slog through on the subject. I had…

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