Tuning in to Channel Zero

This past October I went through my annual horror binge. Horror is a strange genre as far as production goes, as it’s this sort of catch-all that covers all sorts of things. Since it’s an emotion (even romance is technically a verb), it’s incredibly subjective. The focus can be on…

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Friendly Holiday Reminder

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s officially Christmas season. I just wanted to give a gentle reminder that Christmas isn’t everyone’s goal. If it is your holiday, that is great. But many of us have our own winter holidays, not always analogous to Christmas, and aren’t in need of a Christmas. Basically,…

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Thor: Ragnarok

Some spoilers I’m going to buck the trend when I say this, but I wasn’t all that impressed with Thor: Ragnarok. That’s not to say it was terrible, and that’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy it. But I was simply not impressed with the movie. Going in, I…

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The Sega Master System Edition of the Totes Mathematical Top Ten Game List for Every Console Ever!

This entry is part 14 of 17 in the series Console Lists

There was a time in video game history where going up against the juggernaut that was Nintendo was almost a fool’s errand. This was in part because the NES was awesome. From a strictly technical standpoint, the Master System was more awesome. But Nintendo’s one year head start was just…

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