Was the Orlando massacre an act of “radical Islam”?

There’s a flare up in discussion of the recent Orlando massacre because Hillary Clinton has used the term “radical Islam”. This may be an unpopular sentiment with those on the far left – which includes myself – but I agree. This was an act of radical Islam.

The question is whether this qualifies as a Muslim doing Muslim things. And yes, it is.

But people who shoot abortion providers are Christians doing Christian things.

Men who refuse to grant their wives divorces and make their lives a living hell are Jews doing Jewish things.

Buddhists killing Muslims in Burma are Buddhists doing Buddhist things.

These people may be fringe, but they are still a part of these communities, and these communities still hold tenets that justify these acts.

And you know what else? After all of this shit people who show up at random school campuses and open fire are Americans doing American things. The law is our scripture and by not reassessing gun laws it is reinforcing and reaffirming this sort of gun use as American.

So yeah, this was an act of radical Islam. It was also a pretty fucking American thing to do. This time it was an act perpetrated by someone who qualifies as “other” in most people’s eyes but whatever group you don’t consider “other”, they’ve probably killed people in ‘legitimate’ ways.

You want to clean this shit up? Good. We need to. But that means cleaning house, too. And it’s a global house. Because the mess is that fucking  planet sized.

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Adam is a Jewish American who's sick of the white Christian male being America's "default" setting. For money he works in a public library because free books and information access are wonderful things. For love he writes here for his pet project, The Chaotic Neutral, which is always looking for more writers. You can follow him on Instagram, Goodreads, and at his oft neglected Twitter where he will try to post more, and probably live-tweet the Eurovision Song Contest.

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  1. Omar Mateen hated gays. According to those who knew him, he also hated Latinos, jews and others. Born in the United States, he was a product of a culture that makes it easy, indeed popular to hate anyone unlike yourself. Too many politicians get elected and re-elected by telling people that their lives may be crap, but there’s a reason for that and it’s probably the minority family that’s coming after their job, lowering the standards of their schools and getting rich on the government’s dime.

    FDR said that we have nothing to fear but fear, itself. I say that there’s nothing we should be hating except those who those who espouse the power of hate. Not to say that there’s nothing to hate out there, but people will have to realize that they’re being manipulated by professional haters, in the government, in the media and elsewhere, before we can start to turn things around.

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