Last Minute Protest Prep Post

So you’re going to protest. Yay! Remember to be safe. You can’t fight the patriarchy if you’re unable to fight. So here are some last minute tips to help you get your stuff together. And always check the information about your specific march for information about what sort of bags, signs, and items you can and cannot bring.

  • Tech Stuff
    • Keep spare batteries and USB cables in hand.
    • Set up Google Trusted Contacts. This allows you to A) announce your location to the people you’re with in case you’re separated and B) request the locations of people in case they are unable to announce where they are.
    • Use Whisper for you commuinications. Facebook and Whatsapp aren’t secure, as the servers can reset your encryption and look open your mesages.
    • Use a VPN on your phone if possible. Police have and will use Stingray boxes which announce themselves as cell towers and will intercept your phone’s data and cell signal. These can be used to steal information or to simply block your phone’s ability to work, even with bars showing up.
  • Safety
    • Read up on your rights
    • Write contact numbers on your arm in Sharpie. If you are held by police and they take everything off of you, you’ll still have those numbers.
    • Again, set up Google Trusted Contacts.
    • Basic first aid items
    • Water!
    • Snacks
    • 1:1 mix of Maalox and water may save your senses if you encounter tear gas. (source)
  • Clothes – quick list is
    • Layer
    • Good shoes
    • Good socks
    • The smallest bag you can. Bag searches can be called for at any time for most of these marches. Small bags will get you through faster, and just be kinder to all in crowds.
    • Snacks
  • Art

That’s what I’ve been up to with my own prep. If this is your first march I’d recommend doing a quick search on preparing for protests to get more detailed information.

March safe and stay strong!

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