Literally, Just Notes I Jotted Down While Watching Iron Fist Because I Immediately Ran Out of Fucks to Give

I finally got around to watching Iron Fist and, well, it’s a show. I can certainly say that. There have been a ton of think-pieces written already so I figured I’d throw it on in the background to hate-watch at night. I started taking notes because the density of wrongness was just so thick and rich. Then I stopped because the show burned out my caring. Then I started again because it’s just so ludicrously fucking bad.

This isn’t meant to be an amazing analysis or expose of the ideas in Iron Fist. It’s just my personal emotional journey so you can follow along with how I felt, and not have to watch it and feel it yourself.

  • So I was really bored and wanted something dumb and thoughtless before bed so I started watching Iron Fist. I’m not proud. It’s clearly not good, and rather than write another in a sea of think-pieces about it I figured I’d just list my reactions to what was occurring in front of my face.
  • So the five seconds they spend with the homeless concept… That could have been interesting. Their invisibility, their rejection by society. None of that happens. But an adaptation of The Maxx would have been so good instead of this.
  • With the crash and the mysterious and generically Asian setting where the rich white guy can learn martial arts… This is clearly ripping off a lot from CWs Arrow. Which clearly ripped of a lot from Nolan’s Batman Begins. Which actually ripped off a surprising amount from the 1994 film, The Shadow. Which was terrible.
  • “A man fights with his mouth when his fists are lacking.” Perfectly sums up Danny, since this is the opposite of true.
  • “You fight like a child throwing a tantrum.” Said to Danny shortly before he throws a tantrum.
  • Goes to China and has two women follow him around to clean up his mistakes.
  • Well, the resurrected dad is playing out every Lazarus pit storyline from Arrow that ever was filmed.
  • Literally takes 9 entire episodes for someone to inform him he has them option of not punching things.
  • Here is how to tell if a character is part of The Hand
    • They know what the hand is when we are introduced to them, or
    • They are Asian
  • “I’m the Iron Fist. You don’t tell me what to do,” is the MCU equivalent of “I’m the goddamn Batman.”
  • Show uses very distinct editing repeatedly, but only once for each trick. One episode had dramatic zooms, never again. Another had split up screen, but just once.
  • All comes down to a derivative show about a privileged white dude who applies for a job he’s under-qualified for, then gets bored and quits to pick up another job he’s under-qualified for, which he also gets.

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