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Hello! Welcome to The Chaotic Neutral’s political corner. I’m Philippe. I mostly write about video games, pro wrestling, football, and religion. Pop culture basically.

I like pop culture. Whether it’s cultivating my record collection, making my own music, or watching cartoons, I try to keep my finger on the pulse of what’s happening.

It’s ermm – it’s been harder lately. Normally the government runs along smoothly and I don’t have to pay too much attention. I vote in every single election which I’m legally allowed to, but generally, I want the government to be something I ignore so I can focus on the aforementioned fun stuff.

And then fucking Trump came along and fucked that all up, so…here we are.

Midterms, baby! They’re something which I always vote in. It’s nice! The districts which I live in tend to be pretty liberal. Letting gay people marry, treating poor people with human decency, properly funding schools…we do it all! And usually I’m content to have the good life while a bunch of racists out in the woods vote for policies which directly hurt them. I usually don’t care what other people do. But I no longer have that luxury. I legit fear for the future of my democracy and my country. So I’ve opted to do a thing or two. It’s not overly much, but every bit helps.

At this juncture, I just want Trump to not be able to destroy us all for the sake of his bank account. And to do that, we have to vote in Democrats because it’s very clear that the Republicans can no longer be trusted in this regard. They’ll vote lockstep. They’ve proven that by electing a rapist to the supreme court. So it no longer matters whether or not I’m inspired by someone, or whether they pass some sort of liberal litmus test. It doesn’t matter. We need the checks and balances on Trump or everything’s going to get shittier. We can worry about the details when President Shitstain is out of office but right now, we just need to stop him from causing more chaos.

I’m donating money to people. Not who I deem worthy necessarily, but people who will help stop Trump. I threw $25 bucks to each of the following and hope you will consider donating to one or more of them as well. But I don’t like just throwing money away, so I’m sending cash to the close races where we could actually pull something off.

Right now the Dems are in a good position to retake the house, though not the senate, as we’re defending a lot more seats this year than the GOP is. Still. It’s not out of reach. Here’s some close races that could determine the future.

• North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp. Her race is currently leaning Republican. She’s a Senator from North Dakota, which, you as you might guess, is a red-ass state. She squeaked out her first election and in this go-round, she’s currently behind by a point or two in the polls. Not a great position, but certainly not insurmountable.
Here’s her website: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/hh4nd

Jacky Rosen. FiveThirtyEight has this race as a toss-up, so it seems like a good place to invest a few bucks. Nevada is an odd little state, politically, but again, I don’t care where these people come from. I just want to take the Senate, and this would be a key pickup.

• Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill. She’s just ahead in the polls here, but a little tip either way could lose us this seat. And again, I know McCaskill voted for Gorsuch. But really, what else could she do? The U.S. voted in Trump, and they control everything. Kavanaugh proved that it doesn’t matter if you’re clearly a rapist piece of human garbage. And McCaskill voted against him. I know people aren’t super inspired by her, but worry about inspiration later, after Trump is gone. Now is the time to put up our best fight with the best chances we have and Claire is one of those chances.

• Beto! Yes, Beto O’Rourke. The guy who could conceivably take down Ted Cruz. My girlfriend has sent a bunch of texts for his campaign. It’s on this app thing which is remarkably easy to use. She usually gets through a few thousand a day, and it’s mostly just trying to get millennials out to vote. Which…if they did…we wouldn’t have to worry about this shit as much. And wiping the smug ass look off of Ted Cruz’s face would be a true delight. Beto’s in a tough fight, but he’s great.

If we won these four seats, we’d probably control the Senate so now’s the time to shine, everyone. And now for some more local to me stuff:

Liuba Grechen Shirley. Running for congress in NY-02. She’s running against Peter King who is a huge racist asshole. He hates Muslims, hates the environment, hates the EPA. The man has a lot of hate to give, is what I’m saying, and I’d like to see him go. Liuba seems like she’s giving him a solid run. The district went from solid Republican to leaning Republican so depending on how big the wave is, Pete King might be swept away. I’m actually going out and helping canvass for him this weekend. First time I’ve ever done it. And if Trump and King can get ME to go out and hand out flyers…well…That’s where we are now.

Andrew Gounardes is running for a NY State Senate district in a conservative part of Brooklyn. While the federal government is very important, the local stuff absolutely affects us as well. Additionally, the local government often has a big hand in drawing district lines, gerrymandering, and making life either uncomfortable for anyone who’s not a multi-millionaire or trying to give everyone in the U.S. a decent chance at the American Dream.

• Lastly, I threw some money to Anotonio Delgado. He’s running for congress in the 19th House district. The Democratic challenger has a very slight lead in a normally conservative district.

• Finally, I donated to whoever is running against Senator Collins of Maine. It’s time to kick her rapist apologist ass to the curb and while that race is two years away, what the hell.

So that’s who I’m donating money to. Tight races that might could make a very real difference in the coming two years. Check them out! Throw a little money their way if you can! Go to the website and offer to send some texts to try to convince people to vote. Knock some doors and phone bank for the candidates in your area! And go and vote yourselves! Please! I really just want non evil, non rapists running the government and the quicker we move past this nightmare, the quicker I can get back to worrying about the newest Legend of Zelda game.

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