Adam is a Jewish American who's sick of the white Christian male being America's "default" setting. For money he works in a public library because free books and information access are wonderful things. For love he writes here for his pet project, The Chaotic Neutral, which is always looking for more writers. You can follow him on Instagram, Goodreads, and at his oft neglected Twitter where he will try to post more, and probably live-tweet the Eurovision Song Contest.

Caitlyn Jenner’s real achievement

I understand how some people can be confounded and disgusted by the idea of a trans person, at least on an intellectual level. People get squicked out by all sorts of things. Many people have a very concrete concept connecting their body and their self image. The beauty industry, and…

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Tomorrowland: A Critique

**Spoilers for the film** Oh Tomorrowland, you have given me the most mixed of emotions. You have Brad Bird (who has done no wrong) retro-futurism, and a purpose for the oddly beloved Small World ride. You have epic vertical urban expansion. You have the jetpacks that signal that yes, we have indeed arrived…

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There should be a way to capture that smell when Spring first gains traction in the weather. There are warm days and there are cool days but it’s palpable when Spring takes hold. There’s that aforementioned smell that isn’t quite cut grass and more complex than the crass perfume of flowers. It’s…

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