Adam is a Jewish American who's sick of the white Christian male being America's "default" setting. For money he works in a public library because free books and information access are wonderful things. For love he writes here for his pet project, The Chaotic Neutral, which is always looking for more writers. You can follow him on Instagram, Goodreads, and at his oft neglected Twitter where he will try to post more, and probably live-tweet the Eurovision Song Contest.

Oscar Snubs: 2018 Edition

So the Oscar Nominations are out and they are… well, pretty dull this year. We basically have the same 10 movies plastered over every category with little variation. While some of the movies are deserving delights (I’m thinking of my favorite, The Favorite), there are also more than a fair…

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Bee and Puppycat

With the last post I talked about a cartoon that perfectly encapsulates the fall season. But that’s not completely true. It captures a particular part of the season, the part that’s  misty and aesthetically pleasing, autumnal and creepy and a bit romantic. But there’s something else that comes along around…

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Over the Garden Wall

Autumn is in full effect, as far seasons go these days. In my area some trees are bare, some still have leaves of various browns and reds. Often the mornings are foggy and grey, the light hidden somewhere else for the moment. This is the time of year when seasonal…

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