Iscariot: Chapter 17 – In which (much like in Game of Thrones, Season 3, Episode 8) there’s a wedding.

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If ever I get married, I’m not sure how many of my ex-girlfriends my bride-to-be will let me invite. I’m assuming that we’ll just negotiate a number. My absolute floor is four, but I’m hoping for six. (I’m thinking that if I start the negotiations at nine, I can at…

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Iscariot: Chapter 16 – In which Judas and Jesus travel through India and learn about road building.

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I recently visited my family at our farm in the western part of Massachusetts. The town is situated on top of a mountain surrounded by forests and pastures. There’s an abundance of peace and quiet. There was also an abundance of snow and general cold weather on my trip. On…

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Iscariot: Chapter 15 – In which Mary, Martha, and Kelsey meet a Behemoth and the story passes the Bechdel test.

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First things first, the author is not sure how Google works but wants to try something. Illuminati, Magic, Sex, Application tips for Vassar, etc. Secondly, much of what we envision about the ethereal plane is not actually in the bible. Take for example our vision of hell. Almost all of…

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Iscariot: Chapter 11 – In which there’s a bit of exposition until the angel Lucifer shows up and has a brief chat with Judas.

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I think that as a religion, the Christians should reevaluate their position on Satan. (Or is it Lucifer?) Other than the book of Revelation, which is problematic at best, the only actual dickish things he does are in Job. The text says that Satan hangs out in heaven from time…

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