Iscariot: Chapter 5 – In which we learn that just because you have love for all things, doesn’t mean you can’t get annoyed by certain peoples antics.

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I have a friend at work named Aimee and I love her to pieces. What I like about her is that she’s nice to everyone. All the time. And really, I think she cares about people’s happiness. You know? She wants everyone to be at ease. And if they can’t…

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Iscariot: Chapter 4 – In which we learn that Jesus is not scared of lightning. Also Kelsey, the formerly barren lady from Chapter 2, has become fertile and now it’s a whole thing.

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Hello everyone. It’s your cool pal, Philippe! What a crazy few weeks it’s been! We’ve been meeting people. People have been healed and murdered. No zombies yet, but one is coming soon. (I can’t imagine that that’s a spoiler per se, but you never know…It’s Jesus. That was a “Jesus…

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Superman’s Conversion

Superman is a strange character in terms of pop-culture. He’s one of the most well known superheroes in the world and yet most people pillory him and point out his lackluster cinematic record. There’s probably no easier A-list character to make fun of than the man of steel. He’s a…

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Iscariot: Chapter 3 – In which Judas splits a bottle of wine with Mary Magdalene, daughter in law of the almighty.

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It’s Judas everyone! Just like I promised. Share and enjoy! Though…indulge me for a moment. My cat is lonely. He used to hang out with my grandmother and an assortment of nurses, but after my grandmother died, and the nurses all left, he’s got nobody for most of the day.…

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Iscariot: Chapter 2 – In which we meet Jesus of Nazareth, his brother James, Simon the Zealot, and Donny, one of King Herod’s slaves

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Hello everyone. My name is Philippe. I hope you enjoyed Chapter One of Iscariot. I sure as heck enjoyed writing it. That said, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Hi Philippe. You’re handsome. Also, if the story is called “Iscariot” then where is Judas?” He’s in Chapter 3. Including many other chapters.…

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