Oscars 2018: Breaking News

The Post This is a weird one. It’s clearly the most Oscar-baitey movie one could imagine, nearly being the platonic ideal of awards begging. It’s also fiercely mediocre. The Post has a pedigree that should have a broad enough appeal, backed by gobs of talent, to be “good” at the…

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Oscars 2018: The Genre Films

This year has been surprisingly inclusive in certain traditionally stodgy Oscar categories. White men are in the minority for best director by 2:31, which is great! And genre movies have also done surprisingly well. For Best Picture we get horror and science fiction/fantasy representing, with Get Out and The Shape of…

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Oscars 2016: Child Abuse Edition

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Oscar season is upon us and that means my friends and family mainline nominees like junkies. This year I figured I’d take a different approach to looking at the films up for some of the bigger awards since so many seem to have come in pairs. So let’s take a look at the best…

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