I have always loved ebooks

I’m sitting outside and the weather is great. Warm air, a bit on the windy side of breezy, but sunny enough that it’s still lovely. The most annoying thing at the moment is that my lunch keeps scooting across the table because of the wind, and there’s an occasional bee…

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Digital Privacy: Basics

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By now you’ve probably seen a slew of headlines about how the government has pulled protections on your internet privacy, specifically allowing your internet service provider to collect data and sell your data without permission. Many people probably aren’t exactly sure what this means for them, or what they can…

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Last Minute Protest Prep Post

So you’re going to protest. Yay! Remember to be safe. You can’t fight the patriarchy if you’re unable to fight. So here are some last minute tips to help you get your stuff together. And always check the information about your specific march for information about what sort of bags,…

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